Fern Valley Art
Wanda Stutsman - Artist

Unique and Inventive Art

Many customers are looking for a specific piece of art for their landscape.  Custom orders are always welcome and enjoyed.  Leadtime on custom orders is typically 4-6 weeks.   However, some of the smaller items below are readily available for shipping within 10 days.

  1. Custom Coneflower Set
    Custom Coneflower Set
    This 3 flower creation stands in 43" tall ceramic urn. Total height 9 feet. Large Custom (3 flowers + leaves): $275.00 plus tax & shipping
  2. Large Coneflowers
    Large Coneflowers
    These coneflowers will enhance your garden year round. The flowers are 32" in diameter. The piece stand s 5 feet tall. Large set (2 flowers): $225.00 plus Tax and shipping
  3.  Daylily
    I designed this magnificent large daylily that is nearly 6 feet wide. The ribbed petals with ruffled edges soften the steel. Large $425.00, plus Small 32" wide $175.00 plus tax and shipping
  4. Trio of Daylilies
    Trio of Daylilies
    On a much smaller scale, these sweet daylilies are 38 inches tall. Each flower is 9" in diameter. One size (3 flowers): $85.00 plus tax & shipping
  5. Daffodils
Spring's First Surprise
    Daffodils Spring's First Surprise
    Most Daffodils have faded by Spring, these will last year round. They stand 38-42 inches tall. Flowers are 8" in diameter.Price $85.00 plus tax/shipping
  6. Ferns and Hosta
    Ferns and Hosta
    Chinese Holly Leaf Fern, Boston Fern and Hosta is just breathtaking. Place it above an outdoor fireplace or greet visitors at your front door. This frame is 16" x 24" Price as Pictured $285.00 plus tax/shipping
  7. Trio of Coneflowers
    Trio of Coneflowers
    Have a small garden next to your patio? This assembly stands 42-44 inches tall and the flowers at 10-12 inches in diameter. Price $125.00 plus Tax/shipping

Client Reviews:

  1. Debra's Review
    Wanda's creativity and craftsmanship are obvious from the first time you see her work. Each piece can stand on its own, but placing several together leaves a garden with an exciting, eye catching focal point for each season. D. R.
  2. Jenny's Review
    Wanda's metal sculptures are so unique! Her attention to the details of each flower is incredible. I love how the sculptures look in my garden. J. R.
  3. Faith's Review
    I purchased a set of Daffodils for my father for Christmas. He was so taken with the detail and craftsmanship. We have never seen garden art designed and fabricated to this level. He will enjoy it for many years. Thank You, F. H.