Fern Valley Art
Wanda Stutsman - Artist
My Story
My love of Gardening
I have fond memories of wild flower digging with my mother and her garden club friends when I was only 3 years old.   Mom had raised my 3 siblings to school age and wasn’t going to sit at home anymore with me.  Thus she packed me a great lunch and my own small shovel.  I tromped through woods learning what not to step on I got to dig trillium, lady slippers and many ferns.

The foothills of the Smoky Mountains offered many picturesque valleys of ferns.  The endless green fronds waved in the wind as if to say hello.   Even at a young age I knew these were very special places.  I will always remember the artistic  beauty of those valleys.

My love for gardening started at a young age.  My ability to garden well  didn’t happen for many years to come.  Sone after college I moved to Texas which has a drastic difference in soil, climate and terrain to my home state.   It took me 30 odd years to give up hope of converting my small piece of Texas into that amazing green, lush oasis we had in Tennessee. 

I became a Texas Master Gardener and shifted my gardening paradigm to gardening Texas style.    The focus is creating outdoor spaces with plant texture and focal points.  My detailed creations blend in beautifully with the rich textures of our landscapes.