Fern Valley Art
Wanda Stutsman - Artist
The Garden's Focal Point
In creating beautiful gardens it takes a good plan, perfectly selected plants, and just the right focal point.  These beautiful steel pieces are designed to be the perfect focal point for all size gardens.   They are designed with scaling in mind.   Attention is taken to where it is going in the landscape and what it will complement or compete with in the garden?   The end result will be a perfectly scaled piece of magnificent art to enjoy for many years to come.
My journey to becoming an artist:
Artist Background:
  • I am married to the handiest and most helpful man.  His mechanical talents and my artistic talents have proven themsleves as a good combination many times over the years through our various home and garden projects.
  • I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering and worked for 15 years in plastics manufacturing.  Working with industrial equipment and steel was a major part of my job.
  • I have made many of my own patterns in sewing.  I even customized and made my own wedding gown.
Possibly I was born an artist in my own right.  My mother, father, his sisters and brothers are all artists of some medium; an inherited trait that didn’t stop with them.  The progression of life kept my focus on other tassk for many years.  There was no doubt that my artistic talents showed through in my flower arranging, sewing, and interior decorating.    So why call myself an artist now?  Is it because it sounds good or is required when making items to sell?   Nonetheless, I have found a passion for recreating plants in steel.   I enjoy the challenge of taking a flat piece of steel and sculpting it into a larger replica of our garden’s kings and queens.